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Online Dating

Love Online

Looking for the newest way to meet people? Want to expand your circle of friends into the rest of the world? Want a relationship without entanglements? Join the Internet crowd in Cyberspace. It had to happen, computers turning into our link to virtual friends and lovers. It’s the “now” way to solve the age-old dating dilemna. Continue reading

The Rules for Online Dating

Rule 19: Keep Your Ad Up Until You Are Exclusive

Women take down their ads prematurely. They have two dates with a guy and think “He’s the one, that’s it for me, I don’t want to meet anyone else,” or they want to show Mr. Right on their third date that they are committed to him and him alone by taking down their ad. We think this is a big mistake. Regardless of the reason, we think the only time to take down your ad is when you are exclusive, he has said “I love you,” or he has asked you to take down your ad-and he has taken his down too! Continue reading

In the last few years, the number of relationships that start on the Internet has skyrocketed. No statistics are available about which ones work out and which ones end in disaster, but you can be sure the relationships that work are based upon mutual honesty. The ones that don’t, aren’t. The ones we hear about are the horror stories. Continue reading

The Cyberspace Dating Pool

Let’s face it – the Internet has infiltrated our lives. It’s the first place many of us go to do our shopping, our banking, our research, and even our socializing. When we sign on to the Internet, we get the information we need just by clicking a few buttons. When you consider the ease and the convenience of the Internet, it’s really no surprise that online dating has become such a success. Continue reading

Online Dating

Forty million Americans had visited an online dating site as of 2003. The number is certainly higher by now. The industry raked in over $500 million in 2005 alone. Continue reading

How Online Dating Works

In the minds of some, there’s still a stigma attached to Internet dating. The belief that it’s only for losers, for those who couldn’t get a date otherwise, persists. But the facts say otherwise. Continue reading

Free vs Paid Internet Dating Sites

‘Free’ often sounds like a good deal. But as anyone who has received spam email knows, and that’s everyone by now, ‘free’ may be worthless. Whether or not to plop down hard earned money for something as uncertain as the prospect of meeting that right someone can be a tough decision. Continue reading

Creating a Super Dating Profile

Beyond telling the truth, there’s not much you can do about the basics of your online dating profile. Whatever your age, income, weight, height and other basics, they are what they are. Continue reading

Online Dating Profile, Mirror or Mask?

There are two kinds or levels of online dating profile – those you create and those that are created about you. The first is composed of information you generate, the second is generated by the site. Continue reading

Writing A Great Intro Email

Success! Well, at least partly. You’ve hooked a prospect, a potential date. Someone has shown interest because of your outstanding online dating profile. Continue reading

Target Your Date With a Great Video Profile

Many online dating services offer members the option to create a video. Some even regard it as the norm, and if you don’t have one you’ll be at a big disadvantage. Continue reading

Your First Face-to-Face Meeting

Success! You sifted through the dross to find the gold. You spent time corresponding and telephoning and have decided it’s time to meet in person. Bravo! Continue reading

Safe Dating Tips

‘Trust, but keep your eyes open’ is a helpful old-saying. It suggests that, when it comes to dating, you don’t want to spoil things by being paranoid. Continue reading

Speed Dating To The Rescue

Is your ideal not just one but many dates all in a single evening? Well that is what you get once you enter into the world of speed dating. As its name implies, speed dating is geared towards meeting a lot of available individuals in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Mobile Dating Expands Your Choices

Internet dating greatly expanded the choices available to those seeking that special someone. Once, you were limited to whomever happened to be in your area. Continue reading