How to Fail at Online Dating

Being Too ShyMany people think that online dating is a wonderful way for people who are shy to date. Well guess what? Being shy online will lead to just as many failed attempts at dating as it does in the offline world.

If you don’t want to fail at online dating, you’ve got to come out of your shell. 

Being Passive Rather Than Active

This is different than being shy. Passive daters are not fully committed to the idea of online dating. They approach it with half of their attention and most don’t commit to a paid membership which puts everyone at a disadvantage.

Regardless of the reason for your passivity, whether you’re indecisive, fear rejection or are just too lazy, failing at online dating will be a blow to your ego.

Cutting and Pasting Your Replies

Some people will see through this masked attempt at originality. This type of correspondence is impersonal and if it’s all you’ve got time for, then perhaps you don’t really have enough time for dating.

If you do this because you’re not good with words, then read how others respond to your messages and use these as guides. Nobody likes a form letter, especially when they’re looking for romance.

Sounding Negative or Arrogant

No one wants to talk to someone who is a downer or just the opposite, someone who cannot stop talking about him/herself. Keep your negative experiences to yourself.

You’re starting anew and there is no need to drag your past into your future. And a successful relationship is a two-way relationship. If you do all the talking, it won’t ever develop into anything more than a one-way dead end.

Making Overt or Borderline Sexually Harassing Comments

Asking questions that are too personal or offering up blunt descriptions of what you think is an almost guaranteed way to scare off your prospective dates. Plus doing so could put your membership in jeopardy.

Lying About Your Relationship Status

You’ll get away with this type of lie for some period, but ultimately, always, this type of lie will come back to bite you and it will hurt either you or the person you’re involved with.

Lying About Your Real Looks

It’s tempting to use photo enhancement tools to make your photo more alluring. Plenty of online daters do this. Or they post a photo that is 10 or so years old.

Whether your photo isn’t an accurate representation, or whether the words you use to describe your physical appearance are exaggerated, lying about your looks is another reason people fail at online dating.

Corresponding Only With the ‘Hotties’

You’ve got just as much chance getting hooked up with the person behind the stunning image as you do if you saw that person at a trendy nightclub – slim to none. That person will be bombarded with email and the chances of finding yours AND finding yours interesting are slim.

Get back to reality or online dating will never work for you!