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We Expect Each Other to "Mind Read" our Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner just knew what you needed all the time? If at precisely the right moment he would just be there with the perfect compliment or item or whatever without you even asking? Dream on. Even the most communicative of couples are unable to completely anticipate each other’s needs. Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it comes to jealousy, not all forms are created equal. In fact, there are definitely extremes. And while sometimes a little jealousy can make a relationship stronger, too much can lead to its imminent implosion. Continue reading

Mystery of the Single Futon

I’m in the bedding department of the hulking Tokyu department store, or depaato in Japanese, which sits above the even more hulking Shibuya train starion in central Tokyo. Imagine Bloomingdale’s set atop Grand Central Station. Continue reading

About Love – Energy & Love

Energy and love are a lot alike. Continue reading

About Love – Healthy & Unhealthy Love

Love is an energy that can be used in a positive, healthy manner or a negative, unhealthy manner. Continue reading

About Love – The Love Exercise

If you and your partner would like to experience each other’s love on a deeper level, give the following love exercise a try.  Continue reading

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Be thankful for your relationships. All of them. Continue reading

Breakfast—the Meal of Champions

The alarm rings, but you’re not quite ready to get up. Continue reading

By-Words for Marriage

Dennis and Vicki Covington have had an unconventional and chaotic marriage. Continue reading

Car Repair Without A Man In The House

There are some things that men just seem to do better than women – keeping mechanical things running comes immediately to mind. Continue reading

Fighting Fair – Do You Know How?

Do disagreements and conflicts turn into angry confrontations that hurt you and your partner? Continue reading

Forgiveness… What’s It For?

“If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.” – Mother Theresa Continue reading

For Women Only

A few years ago, a poll in the National Enquirer found that the majority of women would rather go out to dinner than have sex. Continue reading

Friends & Lovers

I am learning to see my love partner without distortion; to value her as highly as I value myself; to give without expecting anything in return; to commit myself fully to her welfare. Continue reading

Friends or ex-Lovers

It is opening night of the new hit movie Cruel Intentions. Continue reading