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I still wasn’t sure why she wanted me to drive out to the house but whatever her reasons, I had to do something. Continue reading


A dramatic duet about a beaten wife and her mentally ill sister. Continue reading

The Plan

“That’s right ,” she said sobbing. “You get out of here before I kill you.” Continue reading

Temptations of the Gods

The beach at Kos had no name, yet this did not distinguish it particularly from any other beach that lined the 45-kilometer stretch along the brilliant Aegean Sea. Continue reading

Run-Of-The-Mill, One-In-A-Million

I had just gotten to my brother’s apartment, after somehow managing to sprain both my ankles playing basketball… Continue reading

Under the Oak Tree

There was something about her. Maybe it was her smile, or the way her eyes twinkled when she spoke. Continue reading

Newlywed's Labyrinth

One night, when a newlywed couple were sound asleep in their bed, the husband dreamt he was visited by a genie who told him, “I will grant you any wish your heart desires.” Continue reading

The Metaphysical Touch

In 1991 Emily Piper, a graduate student at Berkeley, has nearly finished her dissertation on metaphysics when her life is changed by, the great Berkeley-Oakland fire that destroyed over three thousand homes. Continue reading

Daddy's Pick

The tire flapped and scrubbed as Ginger Curtis looked for a spot to pull over. Finding one, she eased the car onto the shoulder of the road and cut the engine off. Continue reading

Russian Fingers and Roman Hands

“Look at him. Isn’t he the hunk of the century? And you think you’ve got him all to yourself?” Continue reading

Lust Dance

He looks at her, tries to remember what drove him to possess her. Continue reading

Love on Wheels, Part 1

Set in the turn-of-the-century, a small town in the city of Vancouver, in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Here, is the story of a deeply moving love affair between Tristan Haze, a critically acclaimed Canadian writer and his lifetime love, Victoria Clair, only daughter of a popular chocolate maker. Continue reading

Love on Wheels, Part 2

June 1909. Victoria stared dreamily out of her bedroom window. Continue reading

Love on Wheels, Part 3

Since Christmas that year, Tristan and Victoria saw each other almost every single day. Continue reading

Love on Wheels, Part 4

Tristan settled well in England. He studied hard in King’s College, London. He found a simple hostel and life was fine. Continue reading