Gay and Lesbian Dating Sites

The Internet, and online dating sites in particular, created a revolution in gay dating.

A relatively small percentage of the population is gay. Add to that the amount of prejudice and disapproval of gays that is only recently fading, and you have a big problem. Finding a partner could be a major hassle. Having a date required substantial discretion.

Along comes the Internet, providing safety, anonymity and a global reach creating a huge number of new possibilities. Finding a romantic partner is hard enough for anyone. But now the playing field is much more level.

There are now gay and lesbian dating sites that have been around for over 10 years. These sites often have thousands of members, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough choices.

Some have modest monthly subscription charges, but you definitely get what you pay for. For a trial cost of just a few dollars for a month, or an annual fee of less than $100, members can get dozens of innovative, helpful features.

Some offer very unexpected extras that can tip you to one site when you’re undecided. Free magazine subscriptions to major gay publications, offering information about the local scene and other goodies make for a nice benefit.

But there are plenty of sites that cater to lesbians as well.

Finding a friend, lover or lifelong partner is at least as difficult for gay women as anyone else. Fortunately, there are dozens of sites that provide thousands of members. Profile matching, zip code targeting and other features help to reduce that problem to manageable size.

Free trial memberships are common. Some are as short as three days, others as long as a month. But a shorter period isn’t necessarily bad, if they have thousands of active members and several live in your area, that can definitely be worth a look.

Many lesbian dating sites have their own special extras that encompass major publications devoted to the gay woman. You can find out what’s happening locally or in a town you may visit soon.

That helps you connect to the scene in a place you just moved to, or allows you to find a safe date on a business trip or vacation.

Lesbian dating sites cover the whole world, just as gay women do. They offer opportunities for connecting with someone who fits their lifestyle and unique values.

Everyone wants to find that perfect partner. Even if there’s no pot of gold at the end, following that rainbow can itself be an adventure. And, who knows? There might just be riches along the journey.