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Wedding Planning

Planning A Wedding

With so much to coordinate, it’s amazing that weddings go on at all. Considering that both the bride and the groom are likely holding down full-time jobs, who has time to work out all the details? And there are so many. Continue reading

Wedding Planning Timeline/Overview

When planning the wedding, work backwards from the ‘big day.’  Here’s the timeline that most wedding planning follows. Continue reading

The Wedding Budget

Money is the number one thing that married couples fight about.  But do you realize that the tension surrounding money begins long before the happy couple say ‘I do?’ Continue reading

Where to Have the Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is where two individuals unite to become one. Choosing the location for this event would seem a simple task, but it’s actually one that requires much planning and coordination, especially if a non-traditional ceremony is being planned. Continue reading

Where To Have Your Wedding Reception

Choosing a wedding reception location involves more than just making sure all your guests can fit comfortably into the space. This location is where the majority of the wedding day festivities will take place so there needs to be enough room to accommodate eating, dancing, socializing, and all the other fun activities that happen at receptions like cutting the cake and throwing the wedding bouquet. Continue reading

Wedding Invitations and Etiquette

Wedding invitations do more than tell who, what, where and when. Wedding invitations set the overall tone of the event. From the way the invitation is addressed on the outside to the font used for the text inside, a wedding invitation says whether the event will be formal, casual, grand, intimate, themed, traditional, or something entirely different. Who could have imagined that an invitation to a wedding could say so much? Continue reading

Your Wedding Guest List

Probably no other part of wedding planning causes as much frustration and ill-will as the guest list. Just who will be present to bear witness to the big event is something that no family has ever been able to totally agree on. Sure there are those fairy-tale weddings where money is no object, but even those weddings have their limits. Continue reading

Pre-Wedding Parties

As social events go, there aren’t many that can top a wedding. The wedding reception really, is when the fun begins. But let’s not forget about the parties that precede the wedding, the engagement parties, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding shower and the rehearsal dinner. These pre-wedding parties can be great fun, too. Here is a run-down of each: Continue reading

Wedding Flowers and Decorations

When it comes to wedding flowers and decorations, the key to pulling off a look that works really lies in the planning. Since there are no rules when it comes to wedding flowers, it really is all about what the couple, well mainly the bride, wants and can afford. Continue reading

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most visible signs of marriage. They have long been a part of history and they haven’t always been made out of metals. Ivory, leather, bone and glass, along with precious metals, have all been used to represent what wedding rings still represent today – eternal life together. Continue reading

Wedding Attire for Groom and Bride

The guys have it easy. Pick up the tuxedos they rented months ago right before the wedding, put them on and then be sure to return all the pieces in decent condition right after the wedding. The women, however, don’t get so lucky. Continue reading

Wedding Photography and Videography

Want to re-live your wedding day anytime you wish? Long after the last guest has left the reception you and your spouse will have your wedding photography or videography to look at when you want to re-live the joyous occasion – hopefully, that is! Continue reading

Wedding Food, Drinks and Cake

To eat, drink and be merry! That’s the real reason guests love attending wedding receptions. Because food and fun go hand in hand, many couples plan their wedding food and wedding drinks at the same time they’re planning the reception. And even though the majority of wedding receptions are held during the evening, this doesn’t have to be the case with yours. Continue reading

Wedding Favors

A wedding is first and foremost about the celebration of two people uniting for eternity. It has always been this way and will continue to be this way. Guests are invited to share in the joyous occasion but also to bear witness to the union. There is something about standing before all those who are special to you and making lifelong commitments for others to hear. And that is really what transforms two people into a married couple. Continue reading

Wedding Gifts

There’s a saying about gifts and that is, ‘It’s better to give than it is to receive.’ Now if you ask couples who have had weddings, they’ll probably tell you that on their special day, they received some of the nicest gifts ever, so these people might not agree with this saying. But whether it’s for better or for worse, gifts given by the bride-and groom-to-be are certainly part of the wedding tradition. Continue reading