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A Two-Way Street

Even in these progressive times, sex for many remains a topic closed for conversation, for the reasons we have already expressed and others. Continue reading

Unconditional Love

For the newly single, being alone at home can be devastating. No matter how enjoyable it is going out with friends, when you arrive back at your home, you feel the full brunt of being alone. Continue reading

Weigh Your Words

LoveNote. . . Oh, be careful of the words you speak! ~ David Ring

Continue reading

What About the Kids?

After Hurricane Andrew slammed into the Florida coast in 1992, killing twenty-six people and causing more than $30 billion in property damage, stunned residents were slow to pick up the pieces. Continue reading

What and Where is Home?

“Where you are is who you are.” –Virginia Woolf Continue reading

When Is It Ever Going To Be MY Turn?

Are you one of those people who always feel like you never get your turn? Has life handed out turns to everyone else, only to leave you out? What is it about the system of handing out turns that seems to leave you out? Continue reading

Who Is Her Secret Admirer?

Most of us have had a secret admirer at some time in our lives. It was a great ego booster to know someone had a crush on you. Continue reading

Who Would YOU Have to Become?

LoveNote. . . When you fail to hit the target, never in history has it been the target’s fault. – Larry Winget Continue reading

Why Men Won't Commit

Why won’t men commit? Sigh. This dilemma has plagued me for as long as I’ve been dating. It’s enough to make you throw up your hands, surrender and say “forget it!” Men have flocked and buzzed their little heads off vying for my attention, waving gifts of flowers, music, and dinner, in addition to romancing me with midnight phone calls just because they “wanted to hear my voice.” Continue reading

Men and Commitment

The following is an interview with psychologist George Weinberg about men and commitment. Continue reading


A man who attempts with his time, money, devotion, endurance… to fulfill every possible desire and need of a Woman who interests him, a man who puts that Woman on a pedestal, would have been referred to in a kinder, different time as a ‘romantic.’ Continue reading