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Who Is Her Secret Admirer?

Most of us have had a secret admirer at some time in our lives. It was a great ego booster to know someone had a crush on you.

While it shouldn’t be any secret that you love your wife or someone you are in a serious relationship with, it would be an ego booster for her to know that you still have a “crush” on her.

Remember those love notes passed around in class, sometimes sent anonymously? Why not pen a secret admirer note to her. As long as it is in your handwriting it won’t really be a secret, but I don’t think any man would want someone else sending anonymous love notes to his lady. Mail the note to her at work or place it somewhere in the house or car where she is certain to find it.

If you are able to arrange it, have the note direct your wife to meet her “secret admirer” at a particular location and time for a rendezvous. It could be for lunch, a cocktail, a romantic weekend at a nearby hotel, a stroll through the park, or some other meeting place.

Keep the crush alive!

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