Back to the Game – Single Again!

First, a mild disclaimer. This article is primarily aimed at the men out there, because it’s being told from a man’s point of view. It can’t help but sound a little sexist because I have only my personal experiences and those of my single male friends from which to draw! So ladies, forgive me in advance. However, I do think you will be able to relate to some of what I am about to say. Continue reading Back to the Game – Single Again!

Chasing Love!

Year after year people flock to the movies to see the latest romantic comedy. Why? Do you suppose it’s because of the chase? And because every new romantic comedy offers a slightly different variation on the chase? Don’t we love to see one of both characters chase each other through difficult situations until finally they end up with each other? We leave the theater with smiles in our hearts. Continue reading Chasing Love!

Diving Into The Dating Pool… Again

Learning to date again after having been in a marriage or other long term relationship can be challenging. It’s easier to get back into the dating pool when you have friends who are getting into it with you. If you’ve been in a long committed relationship you may not have any single friends — yet. Keep your eyes open because finding suitable single friends should be your first priority. Along the way you may also find your next love connection. Continue reading Diving Into The Dating Pool… Again

The Question of When to Say Yes

Being newly single means having to sooner or later face the delicate question of whether or not to have a sexual relationship before commitment. As a mature single, the rules and guidelines that guided you in your early single life may no longer apply or they might need updating. For the person whose personal, religious or moral convictions dictate sex within marriage only, there is no answer but one: NO!! Not unless we’re married. For the vast majority of singles the issue of when to enter into a sexual relationship is much more complicated. Continue reading The Question of When to Say Yes

The Single BIGGEST Mistake Newly Singles Make

Suddenly, it’s clear to you now. The relationship is over! What are you going to do now? Caution: Don’t complicate your life by beginning to date TOO SOON after a break-up! How soon is “too soon?” That will depend upon the circumstances of the breakup. Rule of thumb: Six months or more! “Or more?” you say! YES! Six months or more! Continue reading The Single BIGGEST Mistake Newly Singles Make

How to Meet People

To locate singles of like interests, you need to meet people – lots of people. Your next best friend or that special person just for you is not likely to know you exist until you get out and get seen. Don’t use the excuse that there’s no place to go to meet available singles because the opportunities are more than you’d expect. The goal is to meet compatible singles of both sexes in order to develop lasting friendships. If a love connection happens, that’s even better. Continue reading How to Meet People