How to Meet People

To locate singles of like interests, you need to meet people – lots of people. Your next best friend or that special person just for you is not likely to know you exist until you get out and get seen. Don’t use the excuse that there’s no place to go to meet available singles because the opportunities are more than you’d expect. The goal is to meet compatible singles of both sexes in order to develop lasting friendships. If a love connection happens, that’s even better.

The Supermarket

Single men and women shop for groceries just like people in relationships do. They just buy smaller quantities and may spend more time checking out the frozen foods than coupled persons probably would.

Choose your favorite supermarket and check out the produce (“Excuse me, do you know how to tell if a melon is ripe?”), the frozen foods (“I can’t seem to find the chicken newberg, have you seen it?”), cleaning products (“I’ve been trying to get rid of spots on wine glasses but just can’t find a dishwasher detergent that works. Do you have any suggestions?”) Don’t be shy about smiling and saying hello to people.

Don’t dispair about long checkout lines. That attractive man or woman in front or in back of you might be a new friend! Casually look at the items they’re buying as a clue to whether or not they might be single. (Hint: a man with women’s products is probably not available.) Notice pet food in his or her cart? Ask about their dog (or cat). Improvise.

Best times to meet business types would be most nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. The retired single will probably be found shopping on weekdays. As one man says, “The supermarket is the best way I know to meet single ladies. I just go up and say, ‘Excuse me, is this easy to fix? I’m single and I don’t know that much about cooking’.”

Join Clubs

Social clubs, business clubs, and special interest groups provide an easy way for you to meet new people. Join a club or group that interests you. You won’t know if the group is one with which you’re compatible until you attend a few meetings. If there are singles clubs in your area, call for meeting information and attend a few meetings. You might not find a love interest but you just might find some wonderful new friends.

Not all clubs or groups will directly benefit your search for a member of the opposite sex. Clubs that limit membership to just men or just women might seem like dead ends for meeting other singles. Don’t overlook the possibility that a member has a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc., who is single and available. And again, never overlook the chance to meet a new friend!

In Church

Why shouldn’t you look within your church for friends and more? Sharing the same religious beliefs is an excellent starting point for any relationship. Many churches offer singles groups and activities specifically geared toward singles. Get involved!

The Laundromat

The laundromat remains a good place to meet singles. Even if you have a washer and dryer at home, it could be worth your while to occasionally take a load to the local laundromat. You can always explain to that interesting man or woman that your washer at home is temporarily out of order.

Working singles will most likely choose weeknights, early Saturday, or mid-day Sunday to take care of laundry. You’ll have plenty of time to casually strike up a conversation with that interesting man or woman who has just put a load of clothes in the washer or dryer. Opening lines are easy – just ask what detergent they use (a retake of the line you used in the supermarket).

How to tell if they might be single? Be observant of the type of laundry they’re doing. If the lady is washing men’s clothing, or the gentleman is washing ladies things as well as his own, they’re probably already involved.

Go Back to School

You’re never too old to learn and it’s never too late to learn something new. The bonus is that while you’re expanding your mind, you have an excellent opportunity to expand your network of contacts. Younger singles will usually take classes after work and on weekends. Retired singles usually have much more flexibility with their time and will generally take classes on weekdays.

Never take a course that doesn’t genuinely interest you. You’ll be much more receptive to learning if it’s a subject you enjoy, and, why not meet people who have the same interest(s)? Expect a class in auto repair to be predominately male attendees and a class in tatting to be primarily women.

Finding Love Online

One of the most popular ways to meet singles is by joining online matchmaking sites or meeting people of similar interests in chat rooms and on forums. If you’re not very computer proficient don’t let that stop you from finding new friends. Computer classes from beginner to advanced are probably available at your local community college and you just never know who might be taking the class that you’d never meet elsewhere.

If you do use online dating sources and services, use the same caution as you would when responding to someone through a classified ad. Until you know a person, don’t give them too much personal information. And be super careful about meeting someone for the first time!

Getting Down to Business

People who are still in the workforce have the edge on those who are not, as far as opportunities to meet other singles goes. The place of employment is a limiting factor in some cases as far as meeting customers, etc., but co-workers are an excellent source for new friendships.

Business functions such as Chamber of Commerce mixers should not be overlooked for developing your singles network. Working on community projects is the prime objective with making new friends an added bonus when you volunteer to assist at fundraisers, festivals and other functions. Such activities as these provide you places to go and things to do without needing the company of an escort.

If you’re interested in volunteering, but you don’t know where to start, call or visit your local Chamber of Commerce.

© Pat Gaudette