Learning How To Flirt Online

Virtually anything you can do in the offline world you can do in the virtual world. And that includes the ability to flirt with those you meet through online dating.

A lot of people might not realize this. It is a bit hard to imagine since we’ve all come to know flirting as being mostly about body language.

Flirting is the flick of the hair, the coy smile, the genuine eye contact, the light brushing of the other person’s skin. However, flirting also has to do a lot with what you say and how you say it. This is the part of flirting that can be duplicated online, effectively too, if you know how.

When online dating, flirting is an important step for developing interest and for taking a relationship to the next level. It involves so much more than sending a wink to another person, although that is a good way to break the ice and get a conversation going.

From there, it’s important that you remain relaxed and natural in your correspondence. The person on the other end will definitely know if you are trying too hard to make conversation, and might be turned off.

One tip that can help here is realizing that less is better. You don’t need to write lengthy paragraphs. That actually might get boring. A good rule is to keep your correspondence interesting and upbeat while at the same time, brief, 3 maybe 5 sentences.

Keep your words playful and positive and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of flirtation.

If you find yourself stumbling for a conversation starter, you will never fail by noticing something you find interesting in the other person’s profile and then asking a question about it. Doing so shows you are taking an interest and showing interest is a definite turn-on.

Watch out how you phrase the question, though. If you ask something that requires nothing more than a yes/no answer, don’t be surprised if that’s all you get!

A Sure-Fire Way to Get a Reply

Before signing off, tell something intriguing about yourself, but don’t reveal too much! That way, you’ve got a better chance the other person will write back because he or she will want to know more. Once that happens, guess what? You’ve made a potential love connection!

Now you’ve got to keep the communication going. Remember not to look like you’re being too eager. Part of flirting involves playing hard to get.

Rather than instantaneously responding to the person with whom you’re communicating, make him or her wait a bit for your reply. But not too long – an hour or so, maybe even a day, but not longer. Otherwise the person might think you’ve simply vaporized.

Learning this delicate balancing act is also part of learning to flirt online.

And finally, go with your gut. If the conversation doesn’t seem to be right, don’t spend too much time on it. Move on because plenty more opportunities await you!