Creating a Super Dating Profile

Beyond telling the truth, there’s not much you can do about the basics of your online dating profile. Whatever your age, income, weight, height and other basics, they are what they are.

They may (and will) change, sometimes even through your own efforts. But in the short-term they’re fixed. And they’ll have a large influence on your initial contact success rate.

But most people who use Internet dating sites do so for a period of time. They learn quickly how to separate the wheat from the chaff. They do that by looking in-depth at some of the other information on your profile. There, you can tell the full truth and still shine.

After all, your friends think you’re attractive. At least in some ways, and ways usually deeper than your looks. Otherwise, they’d be someone else’s friends, no?

Just about everyone has some attributes that make them worth getting to know better. Let yours out and you’ll attract a larger pool of equally interesting prospects.

A photo is a must. The odds of getting any contact at all reduce sharply if you don’t supply one. Most people are initially attracted by appearance. But that doesn’t have to be a negative.

Here you have your first chance to shine. Most people are not models or movie stars, yet they can present themselves in the best light.

Sometimes, the ‘best light’ is literal. Many online dating photos are dark, fuzzy, taken at odd angles. Let them see you. Dress as you would on that first date, which is usually better than just kicking-around-on-a-Saturday clothes. Smile, but avoid looking smug.

Confidence is a big attraction. Even among the online dating crowd where some people turn because they are shy or harder to get to know. But you can let them know that you are ready to see and be seen without coming off like a jerk or jerkette. Lead with your strengths, but provide an honest assessment without boasting.

Write intelligently. You don’t have to be a professional to put down words in the form of a grammatical sentence. See, those English classes turned out to be useful after all. There’s a huge range of personal options within the category of style.

People who use dating sites are more likely to be better educated, whether that’s college or self-taught. Sometimes, the latter are actually more knowledgeable.

If you write like someone who never left third grade, the odds are high you’ll get another person just like the one you didn’t like the last time. Let your native smarts show, without being showy.

And, lastly, remember: desperation has the worst odor of all. Be prepared to lose a few in order to win the best ones. It’s possible to push without being pushy. Show your natural gifts and self-developed accomplishments.

Those who are like-minded are seeking you, too, you know.