Choosing the Right Online Dating Site

Finding the right online dating service is really about finding the site that offers the features that best meet your needs.

In a sense, it’s going to be the first match you make during your quest for a companion. Here are some issues that may help you choose the perfect online dating site.

Length of time in business

Internet businesses come and go with regularity. Online dating services are relatively easy to start and start up costs aren’t that high. But ease of start up doesn’t necessarily mean there is a well thought out business plan backing the business which is why many of the dating services fail after only a short time.

The ones that have been around a few years have worked out the kinks, plus they have name recognition and a good reputation, making them good choices, but not necessarily the best choice for you. Take time to research the company itself before making a monetary commitment.

Narrow down

In the beginning, online dating was simple. Only a few sites existed. Men signed up. Women signed up. They chatted, agreed to meet in person, and sometimes they even got married!

Today, the world of online dating is far different. The most obvious difference between then and now is the sheer number of online dating services that are currently available.

Find an online dating site that caters to the type of mate you’re looking for. A lot of people feel better going into online dating with an idea of what it is they are looking to gain from online dating. Perhaps this is good advice for you, too. 

For example different online dating sites serve different geographic locations. Some attract members from all over the world, and others restrict membership to certain geographic locations. If you want to broaden your horizons, and don’t mind a long distance relationship, then by all means, go global.

If you’re short on cash (for long-distance travel) and you think that one day you’d actually like to date someone you meet online in person, check out sites with local availability.

Nowadays, you can fine-tune your search criteria even more. Ask yourself if you care that the person you date has the same religious beliefs as you do, is a particular age or between a certain range of ages, has a sexual preference, is already involved in a committed relationship, is of a particular nationality such as Asian, Russian, American, or any of the hundreds of other nationalities that make up the people of this world or any of the many other issues that may or may not be a concern to you. If you look around the Internet long enough, you just might find an online dating site serving the niche you’re looking for.

Profile/photo approval process

Some of the sites offer extensive personality profiling and personality testing, both of which are designed to help members zero in on the perfect mates. While very effective, navigating these can be cumbersome and time-consuming, often taking several hours to complete. If you’re not comfortable with this level of detail, move on to a site with less profiling. Also check out the rules for posting photos and the amount of time it takes to get photos and profiles approved.

Chat capability/monitored chat rooms

The ability to chat is important as you progress through the online dating cycle. Most paid memberships offer this ability, but check to be certain. But that’s not what’s important in regards to chat capabilities.

Some sites actively monitor the language in the chat rooms and others don’t. Unfortunately, those that don’t often are filled with crude language and explicit sexual offers. 


Cost is important, but it isn’t necessarily as important as the issues mentioned above. Make sure you understand all that you get for the price of admission. Also check whether there are other costs associated with your membership.