Long Distance Relationships

Distance is never an issue with online dating until you get to the point where you are ready to meet in person.

Then, how far you live from one another becomes the only thing that really matters. A long distance relationship, known in cyberspace as an LDR, requires a considerable degree of effort regardless of whether it was initiated in the offline world or online.

Longing to be together physically, mistrust, feelings of pity and frustration as well as not having extra money to cover travel expenses all are issues that must be dealt with when involved in this type of relationship.

How can you get to ‘see’ the person with whom you have been virtually corresponding and with whom you have made a true love connection?

That depends on where the other person lives, how much you each can budget for travel expenses, and ultimately, whether or not you both feel that meeting in person is going to be worth the effort.

If money isn’t an option, start by figuring out what the other person needs to legally enter the country in which you live. This most likely is a passport or visa, both of which take several weeks to process.

The sooner you start coordinating the details, the sooner you’ll be able to actually touch one another. That should be all the incentive you need.

For some people, travel is part of their jobs, so you might find yourself in a situation in which the other person can meet with you after he or she meets with a client.

This type of occasional meeting works well for awhile however, when it starts getting to the point where this occasional contact isn’t enough, you’ve both got decisions to make.

Are either of you prepared to move?

This is by far the biggest issue involving long distance romances. Ultimately, in order for the relationship to survive and move to the next level, one of you will have to move.

Most people dream of moving to another place, but the logistics of such a move most always get in the way, and moving doesn’t usually happen. Ties with family, job, friends, mortgages, and the community are hard to break. That’s a lot to give up for a chance at love.

The payoffs of this type of gamble can be tremendous, but only if you’re the type of person that really could take such a risk.

Is the long distance relationship standing in the way?

For some people, being involved in an LDR becomes a comfortable situation. The relationship fulfills the need to have another person in your life.

Sometimes, however, this virtual relationship keeps a person from making a real effort at finding a viable partner. In the end what’s really happened is a lot of life has been wasted.

Can you live for the moment?

Can you really take pleasure in the occasional sighting and the intermittent verbal and written communication?

If you cannot live for the moment and enjoy what you have at that moment, a long distance relationship won’t ever work for you.