The Plan

“That’s right ,” she said sobbing. “You get out of here before I kill you.”

She walked over closer to him and he ignored her and her threat.

“Did you hear me?” she said, her voice was louder now. “I SAID GET OUT!!”

With that she shut his suitcase, slamming his hands before he had a chance to snatch them away.

The pain pulsed through his fingers and he felt his head get hot. He took a deep breath but nothing could control his anger. She screamed again, pushing him towards the door. “Get the hell out’ta here. GO!”

He could take it no longer. It was her that made their marriage not work. All of the mood swings and temper tantrums. It was clear she was having an attack again. She was driving him crazy. He was glad that she was kicking him out. He didn’t want to be married any longer. Especially to her.

As he moved towards the door from the force of her push, he said agitated, “You made me do it.”

“But I didn’t tell you to sleep with the neighbor’s wife.”

“That’s what it sounded like to me,” he said, slamming the door behind him.

Pulling out of the driveway, Sinclair McAlistar didn’t look back at his own house. He was too busy looking next door for Carlotta. He was hoping her husband, Monclair, wasn’t home from work yet.

Naturally, his own bitch of a wife would run over there and spill the beans, as soon as Monty pulled up. This way he and Carlotta could move away together. They could both get divorced and live happily ever after. As he backed on out of the drive, he regained a sense of reality and spedd off. As he passed Sunnydale Ave. which was only two blocks away he passed by Monclair. He realized that now was the time for him to make a move if he wanted to be with Carlotta. He knew that the old big mouth witch, Martha, would rush over to tell Monty as soon as he pulled up into the driveway. “Okay, I’ll just make a U-turn and wait at the corner until she finishes telling him, he’ll go in the house and kick Carlotta out and I’ll be waiting to sweep her off her feet and gallop into the sunset. I’ll be her prince in shining armor”. Without realizing it, Sinclair had slipped into his wonderland again.

Once he reached the end of their block, Sinclair just sat there. Just as he thought, The witch ran out to meet Monty at the car and tell him about everything. However, to his surprise his wife did not go back home. They both went into Monty’s house and did not come back out. Carlotta did not come out either. Thinking that something was wrong, Sinclair walked up the block to Monty and Carlotta’s house. He peeped in the windows and listen to the doors, but heard or saw nothing. As he rounded back to the front of the house, he noticed that the door was open. Cautiuosly, he pushed the door open and walked in. As he walked further into the house, he could not help but notice that nothing was out of place or in disarray as he expected.

“Sinclair. Are you looking for us,” he heard once he got to the end of the hallway and was trapped. Sinclair turned around with his mouth hanging in awe.

“What’s going on here, Carlotta’s supposed to be coming with me. Monty you are supposed to be angry. Martha what have you done?”

Martha responded, “What someone sould have done a long time ago you cheating, no good dog”.

Sinclair watched in fear as Martha raised a gun from behind her back. Martha shot him once in the leg. She said with a wicked, vengeful voice, “You see, you thought you were going to run away with Carlotta..Wrong. Carlotta doesn’t want you. As a matter of fact she doesn’t want Monty either. Little did you know, Carlotta and Monty weren’t even married. It was all a plan to get rich off of the insurance plan that I took out on you. Now Carlotta and I can be together. And you can suffer and burn in hell.”

As she cocked the trigger she blew him a kiss and aimed at Sinclair’s heart. Then Martha said with an ever so soft and wicked giggle, “Now say bye-bye.”

© Skye Rychum