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Falling In Love

Falling in love! What a romantic phrase! What magical words! Does it not bring a smile to your face when you hear those sweet words? It doesn’t bring a smile to my face. I have coldly analyzed that well worn phrase and here is what I have discovered.

Falling intimates a loss of control. Regardless how agile you are you can’t choreograph your fall. You have no control of your limbs as they fall in an unsightly heap. A galoot in love seems to lose control of his own tongue. He will babble endlessly and tediously about his dear sweetheart.

Falling implies a temporal state. A few years ago there was a popular commercial in which an elderly lady fell down and cried out “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, but in real life when you fall you brush yourself off and get up again. You fall in love and when you regain your senses you fall out of love. Only in the movies do lovers walk hand in hand into the sunset and stay in love forever.

Falling suggests a factor of unpredictability. Unless you are involved in a scam, you can’t plan a fall. A fall happens when you least expect it. Likewise you can’t plan on falling in love at a convenient point in your life.

You can’t plan on graduating from college, finding a good job and then falling in love. Love happens when you least expect it. It hits you like a two-by- four right between the eyes.

Falling hints of pain. You can’t fall down without experiencing pain, suffering a few bruises and maybe even a broken bone or two. When you fall in love don’t expect everything to go smoothly. Expect bruised feelings and perhaps even a broken heart.

Falling brings to mind a loss of grace and composure. No clumsy oaf looks graceful taking a tumble. A victim gets up from a fall with a sheepish expression on his face. A buffoon in love will perform all sorts of circus tricks to keep the object of his love amused. There is nothing graceful about a man or woman in love.

Falling indicates a loss of free will. No person makes a rational decision to fall down. If you stub your toe on a rock, you will lose your balance whether or not you want to. A lover is no longer a free agent. He is the under the spell of his precious babycakes. He seeks only to do her will.

Falling points to inevitability. No matter how careful you are sooner or later you will fall down. Everyone falls down. Even nimble athletes fall down. You are only deceiving yourself if you think that you are immune to falling in love. As sure as the night follows day you will fall in love.

Yes! You will fall in love, but despite everything I have written, falling in love is not something to dread. The Bible states that “God is Love” and when we are consumed with love for someone else that spark of deity burns ever so brightly in us. Despite all the pain and despite all the misunderstandings, love is still the greatest thing in the world!

© Robert Paul Reyes

Robert Paul Reyes lives in Alameda, California, and works for an insurance company to support his ‘real’ occupation as a writer. He is a cyber-columnist for the Internet version of the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth, Texas.