Crazy Love

You know, I thought all of my teenage ways of daydreaming and pinning for a guy were left behind when I graduated high school. Obviously, they weren’t because right now I’m doing both of those things for a guy I can’t stop thinking about.

He’s a regular customer where I waitress at. Unfortunately, I’ve never been given the pleasure of waiting on him. He’s tall, with chocolate skin and the prettiest brown eyes you could ever wish for. Every waitress and a couple of the waiters vie for his attention every time he’s here, but I don’t think we’re ever noticed. We nicknamed him “The Loner” because he’s never with anyone when he comes here.

I hadn’t seen him in a while until one Tuesday night when I was working alone. Business was slow , so the most of the waiters went home early. When I saw him walk through the door, I started to get excited. I thought it was my chance to get to know him. Well, that excitement was short lived. Right behind him, was a woman with dark brown eyes, golden brown skin, and red hair. I should have known he had a girlfriend. Don’t they always. Anyway, once they were seated I went over to take their order.

“Hello, welcome to Clive’s. I’m Kya Sanchez your waitress. Are you ready to order?”

All the time I was giving them the usual greeting I was sizing up the redhead. She sort of reminded me of Janet Jackson. She was very pretty in a girl-next-door sort of way, but I felt I could more than hold my own against her. The combination of an Asian mother and a Spanish father gave me an exotic look. She hardly wore any make-up, and smelled of soap instead of perfume.

Didn’t she know you had both of those things for a man to notice you? So in my mind I had one up on Red in the beauty department. That just left personality. I’m not what you call a bold person, but I’m not afraid to take someone else’s man. That’s exactly what my plan was. I turned my attention back to my customers.

“I would like the grilled chicken salad, and bottled water please.” So Red had a nice voice. Big deal.

“What kind of dressing would you like?”

“Um… Ranch thank you.” She was polite. So what? I then turned my attention to “The Loner”.

“And what would you like sir?” Boy, all of that practice on a low, sexy voice paid off.

“I’ll have the steak with a baked potato with the works, and a large ice tea.” I was about to compliment him on his taste of food when Red cut in.

“Greico are you aware of that the recent study done on red meat showed that it was the number one cause of heart attacks for middle age males.” Greico? What kind a name is Greico? His parents must have been some kind of new age hippie people.

Mulder smirked at her “You’ve been watching The Learning Channel again, haven’t you Carey?” I almost laughed out loud. Seems like Mr. Greico had a good sense of humor. I like that.

“Your orders will be ready shortly.” I hoped my sexy walk didn’t go unnoticed by him.

While I waited for their orders I kept a close watch of them. They seemed to be in a heated discussion. Finally, their orders were ready. I caught some of their discussion.

“Greico that is impossible.”

“How then do you explain how five people on the same block were killed on the same night at the same time? Do you think it was a coincidence?”

“I never said it was a coincidence, but I think you theory is a bit far-fetched. I mean I never would expected you to come up with something like that. Maybe you’re finally losing it.”

“Okay, Carey, tell me what’s so far-fetched about my theory?”

“Where should I start? Murdering ghosts? Even if I thought Ghosts exist, and I don’t, they wouldn’t be able to pick up a knife and stab anyone. Even in theory – ghosts are incorporeal, without physical form. But, seeing as how Ghosts don’t exist, the point is moot. I’m thinking our killer is something a bit more mundane.” Red was a nag. If I had a man like that I’d agree with everything he said. She won’t keep him long. Finally I was noticed, and the discussion ceased for the moment.

All the while they ate they continued their discussion, but I couldn’t hear it. If I was honest with myself, which I never am, I would admit that these two seem to share a natural vibe. It was like they were the only ones in the room. Of course since I’m not honest with myself I overlooked it.

When Red went to the ladies room I took the opportunity to give Greico the check. “Here you go sir. I hope you and your friend enjoyed your meal.” God, I should win an Oscar for that voice.

“Yes we did. Thank you. I think we’ll call it a night.” Red came back then. He left some money on the table and they left. I didn’t even get his phone number. I must be losing my touch.

A couple of weeks later Mulder came into the restaurant again. This time without Red. It was finally my lucky day.

“Welcome to Clive’s. I’m Kya your waitress. What can I get for you today?”

“I think I’ll have the steak special.”

“Good choice.” Now it was time to find out a little something about the girlfriend. “Will your girlfriend be joining you?”

A look of confusion came across his face. “Girlfriend?”

Hmmm. Maybe she wasn’t his girlfriend after all. “Yeah, the redhead you came here with a couple of weeks ago.”

He chuckled softly. “No, Carey’s not my girlfriend. She’s more important than that. She’s my partner.”

“Partner? As in work partner?”

“Yeah, we’re police detectives.” I wanted to jump up and down right there. She’s not his girlfriend. I still have a chance.

“Well, I’ll go get your order.” While waiting for his order I was trying to think of ways to let him know I’m interested. Finally, I decided just to be bold and ask him out. The moment of truth came when I came back with his order.

“Here, you go sir.”

“Thank you.”

Okay, here goes.

“By the way are you busy on Friday night? If not would you like to go out?”

He smiled sheepishly at me. “Umm….well, I don’t think that would be such a good idea.”

Maybe he really did have a girlfriend. “Oh, I’m sorry do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really, but lets just say I’m not available.”

I tried not to let my disappointment show. “Well, she’s a lucky girl.”

There that soft chuckle. “No you have it all wrong. I’m definitely the lucky one.” And with that he started on his dinner. I went into the corner to sulk.

Well, I didn’t get the date, but who knows what can happen in the future.

©1999 Tamara Preston,