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How to Successfully Pursue Single Women

In our experience and observations, one thing has become clear: Single women are much better at the game of seduction than men are. Women seem to be born with the instincts, or at least learn them at an early age, of how to play hard to get, how to tempt men, and how to master all the subtleties of male/female pursuit.

Men, on the other hand, seem to be very ignorant in these matters. The sum total of most men’s expertise in pursuing a single woman seems to be somewhat related to hitting her over the head with a club. And since this technique is no longer accepted, most men are completely lost and vulnerable to the manipulative instincts of women. Hopefully, this book will even the odds for men.

We start this chapter with some principles of successfully pursuing single women:

1. Playing hard to get is very important. You must appeal to her power of seduction. Let her use her sensuality and sexuality to “catch” you. The important thing is that once you know a single girl is interested in you, then you can appeal to her power of seduction by playing hard to get. Don’t call her every night. Don’t make big sexual moves on her at first.

You must appear to be interested, yet still holding back a bit – not quite sure if you want the relationship to go further. Make her feel as though she has to work harder to convince you that you do want the relationship to develop.

2. Convince the girl that she is more interested in you, than you are in her.

Example: End the date before she does. You’ve gone to a movie and are now having a bite to eat at a restaurant. Instead of letting the date drag on to that awkward time when she finally says she has to go home, maintain control of the evening.

While the conversation is still good, while the date is still going well, announce that it’s getting late and it’s time to go. Tell her that you enjoyed the evening and that you are looking forward to getting together again.

This is going to surprise her, since every other guy thinks, that by some miracle, if he hangs on long enough that maybe he’ll convince her to have sex with him. If a girl wants to have sex with you, she will let you know. So if you haven’t gotten these vibes, end the date while it’s still going well. You’ll set yourself apart from the other guys she’s used to. You demonstrate that you are not easy to get.

Example: Don’t rush things sexually with single women. Appear as if you are still deciding whether or not you want to be involved. The first example in this section of ending a date before she does, is a great way to accomplish this. Also, if the mood, the time, the place isn’t right, or it feels the slightest bit awkward, don’t try kissing her for the first time.

If she’s interested, the time and place will come. But, by pushing it, you risk blowing an important event, you risk coming off as being desperate for action and worst of all, you risk appearing inexperienced and inept. Don’t be afraid to wait until the time is right.

Example: Don’t always be available to do something with her. You have called a girl and asked her to go to a movie on Tuesday and she declines. Don’t say, “Well, how about Wednesday?” or “What day can you make it?” Simply say, “That’s too bad you can’t make it. Maybe some other time. Talk to you later.” You have to avoid making it sound as if you are free any time she wants you.

3. Don’t always do what women expect you to do. Someone who does exactly what is expected on cue is boring. By being a little unpredictable, you become elusive, you keep women on their toes, wondering about you, and slightly insecure with respect to where they stand.

If they expect you to try and make a move sexually – don’t. If they expect you to ask them out for Saturday night, ask them out for Tuesday night. If they think you aren’t interested, call out of the blue. If they expect you to call that night, call the next day.

4. You must convince a girl that she would be lucky to be with you. You may do this to a great extent just by properly presenting yourself with your image.

Examples: Dress as well or better than her. Be knowledgeable about the movie, the dinner, the wine, politics, or whatever. Use all the methods you learned in the chapter on image, but above all don’t brag about yourself. They’ve heard “bull” before and they won’t fall for it. Let your image speak for you. By keeping the conversation aimed at her, you say a lot about yourself.

Another way to convince a girl that she will be lucky to be with you is to play on her inadequacies. This has to be subtle so you don’t come off as being negative.

Examples: If it comes up in the conversation that she’s never been to Hawaii, accent the fact with, “Really, you’ve never been there? You should go sometime.” If she mentions that she does not like her job, say, “It’s hard to work in those conditions.

You should get out of a situation that makes you unhappy.” If she mentions a health problem, ask a few questions about it to accent the fact that she is not perfect. If she exposes an insecurity, ask why she lets that bother her.

5. On the first get-together, talk only about her – not yourself. By talking about her, you learn more about her which will be valuable to you in planning strategy. Also, it is a subject she will be comfortable with. By not talking about yourself, you let your image speak for itself. And don’t forget, the less women know about you, the more women want to know about you. Be a man of mystery.

6. Finally, when you first get to know a girl, it would be better if she suspects that you are seeing other women as well as her. It makes you more attractive to her and she knows she will have to work hard to get you.

How do you suggest that there are other women in your life? Just doing all the things we suggested in this section will accomplish that: Playing hard to get; not rushing into sex; not calling every night; not always being available; and being unpredictable.

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