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Virtual Wedding Chapel

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The Virtual Commitment Ceremony for Lovers

Does the thought of lifetime commit scare you? Do wedding bells send you running in the opposite direction? Weddings can be stressful, expensive, and many times will cause extreme strain on a loving relationship.

Welcome to the FRIENDS and Lovers I-Thee-Commit Virtual Chapel of Love where you can commit to that special someone without the hassles, expenses, legalities, stresses and strains of a real wedding. We invite you to solemnize the commitment the two of you have made to your relationship with a FRIENDS and Lovers I-Thee-Commit virtual commitment ceremony.

Enter the I-Thee-Commit Chapel of Love to begin your personal virtual commitment ceremony. NOTE: The I-Thee-Commit Chapel of Love welcomes relationships of all persuasions.

Just in case there’s any doubt about the legality of the cyber wedding ceremony you’ll be going through in the I-Thee-Commit Chapel of Love, let us assure you, you won’t be legally married. We do suggest, however, that you take your newly formalized commitment to each other very seriously.