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Togetherness Relationship Report

It may be said that some marriages or partnerships were meant to be and others not meant to be. Composite charts most certainly indicate this immediately, but using them to begin with gives both partners a kind of control they previously would not have had and enables them to fix to some extent that which should otherwise have been avoided and to maximize benefits that might otherwise have been taken for granted. It enables both partners, if they are willing to take the individual responsibility, not to be controlled by this strange third party, that a relationship itself becomes, but to step in and out of it to their mutual advantage.

Click to view sample Togetherness ReportThe Composite Chart: The Horoscope of a Relationship. Since then, the technique has turned out to be so brilliantly revealing and consistently dependable that it has been taken up by virtually every professional astrologer, and two generations later has become a standard technique for analyzing personal relationships.

This Togetherness report is from the hand of the originator himself, the founding father of the composite chart, straight off the pages of his final, definitive book on the subject, written after twenty-five years of perfecting the technique. Find out what the authoritative expert has to say about your relationship: what it is, how it behaves, and how to handle it.

The Togetherness text is enhanced by astrological tarot-like illustrations by pioneer astrologer and graphic artist Michael Erlewine, which bring out the inner meanings of each passage and make for yet a deeper level of intuitive understanding of the factors that shape your relationship. You may view a sample report here.

Your Togetherness Report will be sent to you via email attachment. You will be able print out a copy of your report yourself as we will not mail a printed copy to you. The Togetherness report is $15.95 (US).

We also offer a companion report, Time Together, which is the first report to offer daily transit interpretations for a relationship as a whole, making it possible to track a couple’s compatibility through time. Click here for more information.

The Togetherness report is $15.95 (USD). To purchase your Togetherness report using a credit card, please click on the button below to make payment through Paypal. You will then be redirected to a form which you must complete with your personal information so that we may produce your customized Togetherness report.