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Simpaticos Report

Are the two of you simpatico? Do you see things the same way most of the time? Do you believe your relationship is “meant to be”? We’re pleased to offer Simpaticos, a relationship report prepared by Bernie Ashman, based upon the composite charts.

Bernie Ashman, author of Astrological Games People Play and RoadMap to Your Future, has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years. His reports provide profound insights into how the relationship between two people will work.

Your Simpaticos report will be over 20 pages in length and will provide an easily read guidebook to the relationship the two of you currently share or may share in the future.

The Simpaticos relationship report is divided into four sections:

1) The Playing Field which outlines a comprehensive approach to relationships and the kind of communication that makes them work;

2) The Players, an in-depth analysis of the planets of the composite chart, including the house and sign they occupy plus descriptions of the composite ascendant and the part of fortune;

3) The Aspects, focusing on communication and negotiation, areas of harmony in the relationship, fusion of the energies, and potential areas of friction;

4) The Nodes of the Moon, explained by Bernie Ashman as “The Nodes – their celestial polarity – give clues to your connection on the soul level. This somewhat unconscious connection emerges into awareness in relationships of longer duration.”

Choose either Relationship (Friends) or Romance (Lovers) for your Simpaticos report. You may view a sample Simpaticos report here.

We will send your Simpaticos report as an Adobe PDF email attachment. You will be able print out a copy of your report yourself as we will not mail a printed copy to you. The email Simpaticos report is $15.95 (US).

To purchase your Simpaticos report using a credit card, please click on the button below to make payment through Paypal.