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Friends & Lovers Report

Do you make better friends than lovers? Could you be great lovers?

We’re pleased to offer Friends & Lovers, the altogether too close for comfort relationship report from Matrix Software. Wondering what went wrong in your relationship? Wondering how to get your relationship into high gear? Not sure if the two of you are truly “meant to be”? The Friends & Lovers report just might give you an insight into where your relationship is headed.

You can order the “Friends” version to see how you relate to family, friends or business associates.

Your Friends & Lovers report will be approximately 18-25 pages in length and will provide an easily read guidebook to the relationship the two of you currently share or may share in the future.

The Friends & Lovers relationship report is divided into four sections:

  • How you approach relationships in general;
  • How the other person responds to the same issues;
  • How you relate to this person;
  • How this person relates to you.

Choose either Friends or Lovers for your report. You may view a sample Lovers report here.

Your Friends & Lovers Report will be sent to you via email attachment. You will be able print out a copy of your report yourself as we will not mail a printed copy to you. The Friends & Lovers report is $15.95 (US).

To purchase your Friends & Lovers report using a credit card, please click on the button below to make payment through Paypal.