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The Dumpster

We know how tough it can be to end a relationship. But, sometimes, there just isn't any choice. Sometimes, you just have to move on down the road.

It's never easy, but when you use the Dumpster, most of the hard work of writing that "Dear John" or "Dear Jane" letter is done for you. Just answer some questions and a letter is automatically written for you. You designate who it should be sent to, we send them a notice that you have sent them a letter and tell they how they can retrieve it. We also notify you by email when they have retrieved the letter you sent to them. So, go ahead and complete the form below. (Don't worry, you'll have a chance to edit your letter before it's emailed and even translate it into a foreign language if you wish.)

A WORD OF CAUTION: If you change your mind after you have sent your letter, we cannot undo the process. So, be very, very sure you are ready to dump before you push that button! Once you have completed the options below, you will have a chance to review what you have chosen before the letter is sent. After that, the letter is history!

Your name:
(Ex)Lover's name:
How do you feel about the impending breakup?
How will your (ex)lover feel about the breakup?
What kind of person is your (ex)lover?
Why you are dumping them?
What was your relationship like at first?
What is your relationship like now?
What kind of future do you suppose you can have?