Love… Isn’t It Wonderful?

In a perfect world, you would be with the one you love, your soul mate, your best friend above all others. If you’re happily in love, FRIENDS & Lovers the Relationships Guide is here to celebrate your love!

Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world, and love isn’t always so grand. Relationships crumble, lovers leave, midlife happens, divorce looms. For those rough times, FRIENDS & Lovers is here to help you find answers, support, and, when you’re ready, maybe even help you find new love.

In Love?

Fun and romantic resources for lovers including the I-Thee-Commit Chapel of Love and Relationship Reports. If marriage is on your mind, check out our many Wedding Planning articles.

Looking for Love?

It takes more than just wishing for love to happen. If you’re looking for love, this is where you want to look first. Our Online Dating section is full of good tips.

Love on the Rocks?

Love doesn’t always run smoothly and we have support and resources for the bad times including Advice at FRIENDS & Lovers, the bookstore, and chat.

Personalized Relationship Reports!

We are pleased to provide several personalized relationship reports that may help to give an insight into your relationship — whether you’re in love, looking for love, or currently in a rocky relationship. Just click on the “Personalized Reports” links at the side of any page and take a look.